Why Your Air Conditioner Might Not Be Cooling Your House

air conditionerIf you’re wondering why your AC isn’t cooling your house, then you’re not alone. This is one of the most common questions homeowners ask during summer. It’s very frustrating and troublesome to have a faulty air conditioner during the scorching summer heat. So what’s the issue? There are countless reasons why this happens. To cut the story short, we will give you a few incredibly simple things you can do right away to fix this annoying issue even before you schedule an ac repair tampa service. If none of them functions, you will need to consult an HVAC contractor to check the issue.

1. Check the setting of your thermostat

Does your system run hot air sometimes but cold air other times? Ensure that your fan setting is not set “on” but “auto,” which may cause your equipment to blow air even when it isn’t being cooled.

2. Check your air filter

Head on to the return vent and check your air filter. Is the air filter dirty? If yes, change it. A clogged air filter significantly blocks air flow to the air handler. This makes it incredibly hard for your equipment to circulate cold air into your house. If this doesn’t work, head over to the next solution.

3. Check the outdoor air conditioning unit

Domestic ACWhen is the last time did you have the outside AC Unit cleaned? If you haven’t cleaned it recently, you may have discovered your problem. The outside unit needs to be cleaned at least one time per year to clear off obstructions such as fences, tree branches, bushes, and grass. Cleaning helps the unit to cool down the refrigerant which is then utilized to cool the air of your house.

You may clean the outside unit on your own using a special A/C coil cleaner and a water sprayer. But cleaning it perfectly may call for a professional air conditioner repair service.

If you’ve done all the above and your system still isn’t cooling your house well, then you will require the help of a professional AC repair contractor. An experienced HVAC repair engineer can check for issues like malfunctioning compressor, malfunctioning condenser fan, low refrigerant, and so forth.