Tips On Maintaining Your Washing Machine



It is always recommended that you maintain your washing machine to extend its lifespan. This will also help to reduce the need for calling an appliance repair service to get the unit fixed should any problem arise.


Below is a list of maintenance tips that can help make your washing machine last longer and reduce the likelihood of you needing an appliance repair.


  1. Check the hoses.


Washing machines come with hoses which can sometimes burst or leak. This can cause a safety hazard as well as increase your monthly utility bills. You should regularly check to see if the hoses are showing any signs of wear and tear or leakage. If you notice water leakage around your washing machine check the hoses and repair or replace them as needed.


  1. Switch to stainless steel hoses


If your washing machine has plastic hoses, it might be a good idea to switch to stainless hoses. As stated earlier, plastic hoses are prone to bursting and leakage which can be a safety hazard and increase your monthly bills. Switching to stainless steel hoses will reduce these challenges.


  1. Washing machines should have a level floor


A washing machine as with other home appliances should be sitting level on the floor or platform to maintain its stability. If your washing machine swings from side to side or shakes violently, this could eventually cause a lot of damage. Most machines come with adjustable legs or knobs in each corner of the machine, twist them until the unit is perfectly level and secure.


  1. Keep your washer clean


All washing machines will collect lint which normally collects in the drain trap. Make a point of cleaning out the lint trap on a regular basis. A good tip is to use baking soda and white vinegar to scrape off any residue from the machine. After cleaning the machine, leave the door open to allow to dry, this will help prevent molds from growing.


Schedule a washing machine repair


When your washing machine breaks down it does not mean it won’t or cannot be used again. You need to contact a repair technician to have it repaired. Not all appliance repair service companies will meet expectations. Always ask questions before hiring an appliance repair company checking they are specialized in the appliance you wish to have repaired. Click here for a recommended appliance repair company “Sentinel Appliance Repair”.